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Who we are


About Home Spy Home Inspections 


Now you can put our outstanding reputation for service and reliability to work for you. By using Home Spy Home Inspections, you benefit from an experienced inspectors that deliver reports that meet or exceed the state standards. We also encourage your presence during the inspection. By being present at the inspection, our professional inspector can familiarize you with the home and explain things to you as they move through the house. 

Our inspectors are bound to a strict code of ethics, this ensures quality service while providing important protections. For example, our inspectors must work exclusively for the customer, follow nationally accepted standards of practice, and not perform repairs on any home inspected. 

Our inspectors are trained to be familiar with a wide variety of situations. We believe that consumers have the right to expect the highest standards of thoroughness, fairness, and effectiveness from their home inspector. 

All of our inspection reports must be authentic and stand up to critical examination. We continue to build our reputation one inspection at a time to ensure you get the quality service you expect from us. 


Home Spy, Home Inspections Services 

An experienced inspector will prepare your Home Inspection Reports with easy-to read details on the condition of every major component from the roof to the basement, major and minor deficiencies, any major expenditures necessary, what 

to watch out for, helpful home preservation tips, safety concerns, and much more. Our home inspector will review the detailed report with you to make sure you understand everything and answer any remaining questions. 


Home Spy, Home Inspections Services is a locally family owned and operated inspection firm based in the Detroit Metro Area. Our Lead inspector has been practicing Real Estate investing, Real Estate Consulting, Real Estate Appraisals and Inspecting Dwellings for 20 years.  

Home Spy, Home Inspection Services has been PHII Certified in Advanced Home Inspections (cert # AMH10000037024), Basic Home Inspections (cert # LMH30000037078) as well as Mold Inspections.  We are experienced in the areas of construction, renovation and inspection. We have worked of a wide variety of residential and commercial structures from 1890 to current year.

 We have experience in working with both current and past construction codes. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide our clients with valuable service throughout all steps of the building process. 

At Home Spy, Home Inspection Services, we have inspected a variety of buildings and properties, from renovated homes to complex commercial properties. Our residential inspection service experience includes homes varying in size and age of construction. Our thorough insurance inspections include wind mitigation and four-point inspections and roof certifications. 

Home Inspection

Non-invasive visual examination of the condition of a home for pre-listing, pre-purchase, and real estate transaction inspections.

Mold Inspection / Assessment

Non-invasive examination to identify the location and extent of the mold hazard in a structure.